Why you should try our indexer

Let us help you index any link for any website.

Powerful indexing

We force Google to crawl and index your link. 80% of links are indexed within 72 hours.

Numerous payment options

You can add funds via Paypal, Stripe or Crypto.

Shockingly cheap

Orders end up costing you $0.28 per link to index. This is a third of the price of our competition.

Refund guarentee

9 Day refund guarentee, if orders are not indexed, balance is refunded back onto your account.


Julian Goldie

Giga Indexer is a tool that automates the indexing process for web pages, making it faster and more efficient. It was able to index my links in under 24 hours.


Most frequently asked questions about our indexing service.

Yes Gigaindexer is safe to use on any links. You can use it to index your money site.

As soon as your order shows as "In Progress" your links have been submitted and crawled by Google. Indexed links should show up in 72 hours, although can take up to 5 days.

Our indexer averages around 80% indexed within 7 days.

We accept Paypal, Crypto or Credit/Debit cards through Stripe.

Yes we offer Instant indexing submission and up to 30 days of drip feeding.

Yes we have an affiliate programme and offer 30% lifetime commisions on all users you refer to Gigaindexer.